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  • Volvo Unveils New Safety Initiative

    Posted on August 13th, 2009 ninarussin

    Crash test dummies focus on pedestrian safety

    Volvo Crash Test Dummies

    Volvo Crash Test Dummies

    Volvo has added two new members to its family of crash test dummies. Bob and his son, Bob Junior are pedestrians that Volvo is using to find new ways to protect people outside the car.

    The pedestrian dummies are suspended from a crane. The machine can propel them into the driver’s line of vision: they may appear from behind a parked car or around a corner. Volvo engineers want to see if new technology that uses both radar and cameras can register the pedestrians, and respond before an accident occurs.

    “We have a lot of faith in Bob when it comes to the development of our active safety systems, and it would have been even more exciting to develop a dummy that could move by itself,” said Anders Eugensson, a safety expert at Volvo.

    Volvo will be adding a female dummy soon, to complete the pedestrian group.

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