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  • Velocity Concept Advances to Prototyping

    Posted on July 11th, 2012 ninarussin

    Hybrid velomobile combines human and electric power

    By Nina Russin

    Velocity Design by John Bukasa

    Local Motors is an original equipment manufacturer which utilizes a global community of designers and engineers to co-create vehicles. The company’s Phoenix, Arizona micro-factory hosted last year’s ALV ride-and-drive. The facility produces a street-legal desert racing truck called the Rally Fighter.

    Founder and CEO Jay Rogers is a triathlete. The company has an in-house fitness program to train recreational athletes within the company.

    So it’s no surprise that Local Motors is as interested in human-powered transportation as it is gasoline engines. Several months back, Local Motors entered into a partnership with B’Twin to produce a velomobile which could function as an alternative to bicycles and micro-cars in dense urban environments.

    B’Twin is a British company which produces bicycles, apparel and accessories for recreational and elite cyclists. B’Twin products are sold over the internet and at more than 600 retail outlets worldwide.

    John Bukasa’s Velocity design got top votes from the Local Motors community and B’Twin’s panel of judges. This month Local Motors and B’Twin advance the project by hosting a competition to streamline steering, suspension and transmission components for the human and electric-powered hybrid.

    The engineering competition, which launched on June 29, is accepting entries through the end of July. To learn more about the competition, visit the Local Motors web site.

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