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  • 2017 Nissan 370Z Coupe

    Iconic sports car for driving enthusiasts

    By Nina Russin

    2017 Nissan 370Z Coupe

    2017 Nissan 370Z Coupe

    With roots dating back to the 1970 240Z, Nissan’s Z series is one of the most enduring nameplates on the American highway. As with its predecessors, the current 370Z sport coupe is not a car for everyone, nor was it ever intended to be. The clutch is stiff, and because the driver sits deep inside the car’s frame, access and egress isn’t particularly easy. But for those whose love of driving eclipses such practical considerations, it is pure heaven.

    The 2017 model is essentially carry-over from prior years, powered by a 332-horsepower 3.7-liter V-6 engine and six-speed manual transmission. Base price is $29,990: a bargain for a car you can take names with at the track. The test car adds one option- carpeted floor mats. Final MSRP including the $835 destination charge is $30,955. Read the rest of this entry »

  • 2014 Nissan 370Z Touring Coupe

    Sports-coupe favorite gets a price cut

    By Bob Golfen

    2014 Nissan 370Z Coupe

    2014 Nissan 370Z Coupe

    The Nissan 370Z is one of the best sports-car deals out there, quick and agile and with just enough warts to remind you that it is a Nissan after all and not some fancier, pricier brand.

    The big news for 2014: the 370Z coupe has become an even better deal with a price drop of $3,130 for the Base coupe, which now starts at a reasonable $29,990 for the stickshift car, plus $790 shipping.  The luxurious Touring coupe drops $2,550 to $36,270, plus shipping.

    The roadster versions of the 370Z Base and Touring remain in the low $40,000s, same as for 2013. The NISMO Z tuner performance version, which has added new body and interior features for 2014, retains its starting price of $43,000. The NISMO Z comes only as a coupe.This latest generation of the Z raised the bar for the popular Japanese sports car, with more performance and a much-improved interior for the sporty two seater.  The styling remains controversial, some seeing it as bulky and unattractive.  To my eye, the look is properly muscular with a modern twist, its angular forms melded into the traditional style of a long-hood sportster.

    The Touring coupe tested here includes a suite of luxury and convenience add-ons.  The price of the test car jumped with the addition of the desirable Sports and Navigation System packages, hitting a bottom line of $41,460, which is not cheap but still a lot of sophisticated sports car for the money. Read the rest of this entry »