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  • On Fathers, Cars, Sport and Passion

    Posted on May 29th, 2014 ninarussin

    #eBayDad collections celebrate parents who inspired us

    By Nina Russin

    My father as a WW II Navy Doctor

    My father as a WW II Navy Doctor

    My mother taught me life skills: my father taught me passion. As a child of the Great Depression, my dad had learned that getting ahead required a combination of determination, drive and a certain amount of stubbornness.

    Although our life paths took us in different directions, my father as a physician and me an automotive journalist, we shared the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well. There is no such thing as halfway.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal. Despite the adversity of an impoverished childhood and becoming wheelchair-bound as a result of contracting polio in his late 40s, my father graduated in the top of his class at NYU, did a stint in the Navy, started the Department of Clinical Toxicology and became a full dean at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. You could say he set the bar pretty high.

    We shared a love of art, music and sport. Before he got sick, my father was a demon on the tennis court, and could always be counted on to join in a game of pickup basketball, toss around a football or pound through a few laps at the neighborhood pool. There have been countless times I thought about him at mile 21 of a marathon. Because of my father, quitting for me was never an option.

    While he wasn’t a car enthusiast, my father appreciated the roar of an engine. He drove his ’66 triple black Buick LeSabre like a New York cabbie: swerving his way through traffic as if saving an extra minute or two might indeed save the world.

    As part of its influencer program, eBay has asked me to join in a celebration of dads worldwide. The #eBayDad collections are personal tributes to the parents to inspired us. In the process they give their creators the chance to make a few gift suggestions: perhaps helping those whose fathers are still alive to share in the passions that bring them together.

    My collections focus on running and automobiles. The former is geared towards athletes of all abilities from elite to weekend warrior, while the latter pays homage to the Garage Mahal: the original man cave.

    Readers who would like to create their own #eBayDad collections will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 shopping spree.

    On June 15, make your father’s day special with the best gift of all: your companionship. Life is short and our time with our parents even shorter. Spend the day together and build the passion that will live in your heart forever.

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