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    Posted on October 20th, 2014 ninarussin

    Smoothing the transition into new wheels

    By Nina Russin

    Photo courtesy of Tempe Dodge

    Photo courtesy of Tempe Dodge

    Back in the day September was the official start of the new car model year and with it, the beginning of car-buying season. Late in the summer the automakers would host full model previews that every journalist with a press card in his or her fedora attended. Dealerships covered their windows with paper to block the public’s view until voila! The new models debuted.

    Today the automakers introduce new car models year-round, and a shopper is as likely to sign on the dotted line in June as in January. The beginning of auto show season at the end of September is the last remnant of the good old days described above.

    What has not changed is the anxiety many car shoppers experience as they begin the journey into a new set of wheels. This doesn’t necessarily start at the dealership. Car owners are as nervous about selling their existing car as they are about shopping for a new one.

    Photo courtesy of Tempe Dodge

    Photo courtesy of Tempe Dodge

    The good news for these individuals is that things have changed. Car shoppers are no longer limited to their local dealerships, nor must they rely on a sign on the dashboard to sell the old car.

    Thanks to the Internet, buyers can sell their existing vehicles and shop for new models without ever leaving the comfort of their own living rooms. Not only is the Internet convenient, it’s also global in reach, making it easier for car owners to get a fair price for their used cars and a competitive deal on new ones.

    In a series of #eBay buying guides, I have broken down the process, addressing the needs of both new and pre-owned car buyers. I focus on first time car buyers in the guide, ‘How to Buy Your First New Car,’ and buyers on a budget in ‘Wheel Deals.’ ‘Parting Ways with Your Wheels,’ guides car owners through the selling process, from online listings to title transfers.

    Buying a new car is a big deal: typically the second biggest purchase an individual makes in his or her lifetime after a new home. It should be a fun experience. I hope these buying guides eliminate some of the pitfalls and get you, the reader behind the wheel of your new car or truck hassle free.



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