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  • ALV Reveals Athlete Teams

    Posted on October 4th, 2011 ninarussin

    Seventy Phoenix athletes set for October 22 ride-and-drive


    Ironman Triathlete Jeremy Hendricks, Urban Team Captain

    Seventy area athletes will meet Saturday, October 22 at Local Motors south of Phoenix to drive and evaluate finalists for the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year awards. Votes from the athlete teams account for fifty percent of the final tally and will be averaged with the votes of a panel of automotive journalists to determine the winners in seven categories.
    Team captains for each of the seven judging categories are athlete opinion leaders, including an elite marathoner, Ironman triathlete, two sports medicine practitioners, a Pilates instructor, elite duathletes and the president of the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists.
    Team captains recruited the other nine members of their teams. Team members participate in a variety of sports ranging from golf to rock climbing, cycling, swimming, volleyball, running, mountain biking and paddling. In order to be selected team members must compete several times a year in their sports, and train several times a week.
    “We had heard from the manufacturers that they wanted more athletes evaluating vehicles at the finals,” said program co-founder, Nina Russin. “This new method of recruiting the judging teams gives us a wider footprint, enabling us to reach that critical mass of quality athletes.”

    Brent and Kati Steiner, Best Value On-Road Team Captains

    For the first time, manufacturers will be able to communicate with participating athletes via their team captains prior to the competition. At the event itself, representatives for the manufacturers will do walk-around presentations on the vehicles and answer questions from the athletes during the drive portion of the program.
    Following are the athlete teams for the eighth annual ALV program by category:
    Urban: Team captain: Jeremy Hendricks, Ironman triathlete and manager at the Paradise Valley REI. Team members: Dean Hebert, Tim White, Joe Cowin, David Bevan, Whit Randolph, Justin Dunagan, Meg White, Lori McBroom, Ann Durkin

    Best Value On-Road: Team captains: Brent Steiner, Coors Light National Duathlon Champion, Saucony sales representative and Kati Steiner, duathlete and kayaker. Team members: Gene Lauratino, Chad and Jenny Hummer, John Herzberger, Don Guess, Greg Decori, Doug and Michele Osborn.

    Best Value Off-Road: Team Captain: Dr. Carson Robertson, owner, Alpha Chiropractic. Team members: Linda and Dino Farfante, Erin Worley, Ron Kjerstad, Marsh Linnander, Maria Walton, Hank Woodrum, Kim Leight, CJ Diegel.

    Luxury On-Road: Team Captain: Heidi Wildy, certified Pilates instructor and owner, Balance Fitness. Team members: Sonny Pfundheller, Justin Kissel, Harry Travis, Lani Travis, Don Eydenburg, Dave Coony, Tobi McCarthy, Jen Collins, Dan Collins, Rob Russin.

    Luxury Off-Road: Team Captain: David Allison, elite middle/long distance runner and owner, Marathon Coaching Consultants. Team members: Shannon Boe, Andy Wangrycht, Wenjing He, Heather Kiser, Janet Lockett, David Pratt, Megan Jeffrey, Dan Lufkin.

    Green: Team Captain: Ian Chapple, Division One soccer player, elite marathoner and owner, Running Assessment and Solutions, a sports physical therapy practice. Team members: Brett Ruckle, Carol Ruckle, Mark Kupanoff, Trisha Kupanoff, Chad Nelson, Charlie Leight, Laura Fuchs, Dave Stella, Lisa Manfield, Ron Aeroli, Susan Lichtsinn.

    Family: Team Captain: Bob Beane, president, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. Team members: Bob Jensen, Scott Kimball, Blake Kimball, John Aitcheson, Barbara Aitcheson, Keith Mosley, Eric Bowlby, Howard Hansen, Jacque Mosley.
    The eighth annual ALV finals take place at Local Motors, 1576 South Nelson Drive in Chandler, Arizona, from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday October 22. The Active Lifestyle Vehicle competition is presented by Local Motors, OnStar, Mindfold Inc. and Russo & Steele.


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