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  • A Thousand Miles on a Single Tank of Gas

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 ninarussin

    Ford driving team will see if the Fusion Hybrid can go the distance

    Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Ford Fusion Hybrid

    This weekend, a team of Ford drivers is attempting a thousand-mile trek in the Fusion Hybrid to raise awareness about eco-driving techniques and raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In order to go the distance on a single tank of gas, the mid-sized sedan needs to average 57 miles-per-gallon. In tests, the Fusion has achieved 70 mile-per-gallon fuel economy.

    The driving team consists of hypermiling champ, Wayne Gerdes, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, Sherif Marakby and Gil Portalatin- both from the Fusion development team, and two of Ford’s hybrid experts, Tom Rolewicz and Steve Burke.

    The 1000-Mile Challenge begins Saturday morning in Mount Vernon, Virginia, and ends Monday in Washinton, DC. The drivers will do stints of two-to-three hours apiece, for a total driving time of 43 consecutive hours. The Fusion Hybrid they are driving is a factory model with no modifications, which runs on regular 87 octane gasoline.

    The Fusion team wants to share the following eco-driving tips with consumers:
    Slowing down and maintaining even throttle pressure;
    Gradual acceleration and braking;
    Coasting up to red lights and stop signs to conserve fuel;
    Minimizing heater and air conditioner use to reduce engine load;
    Using the vehicle’s kinetic forward motion to climb hills and downhill momentum to build speed;
    Avoiding bumps and potholes that can reduce momentum; and
    Maintaining a safe following distance, and anticipating traffic conditions.

    For more information on this weekend’s thousand-mile challenge, visit the Ford web site.

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